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Vreugde  Klanten met unieke, samengestelde geschenken en ervaringen die de ROI zullen verhogen

we are altxen
altxen gifting solutions

Gifting shouldn’t be complicated

Giving presents is one of humanity's oldest customs. However, in the professional world, its rich past was forgotten.
Gifting has evolved into a transaction—thin gift cards,
cash bonuses, and bulk gift purchases.

It's not like when you were a kid, and you got a present from someone. Your thoughts were all over the place. It was never so much about what was inside the box as it was about the moment of sheer awe before the disclosure. Your face lit up with delight. That was a joyous occasion.


We creëren herbruikbare producten, interactieve technologieën en wereldwijde schenkingsinitiatieven die de wereld inspireren tot hergebruik.

Altxen mission
Altxen vision

Our vision

We aim to live in a world where every company is admired by its customers, employees, and the environment. We believe in the potential of data-driven, relevant gifting to build deep connections, and we're dedicated to a future of zero-waste gifting. There will be no squandered finances, squandered packaging, squandered things, or a conscious approach to carbon emissions.

Altxen about us
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