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  • Materials: paper, cloth, pine wood

  • Length: 10 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Height: 3 inches

  It's the most favourite time of the year. And to make it more special and worth remembering, we have come up with truly special Gratitude Box, because the least we can do about 2020 is to be grateful even through all the Odds.

What a wonderful thing it is to view the world through grateful eyes. Evolve into a whole new You with this super-exciting Gratitude Box, The box is packed with :

A5 Journal - Sometimes, all you gotta say is just one line to make sense of everything. Make it happen by writing down atleas a line in our hand crafted Journal.
Handcrafted Pouch - by Arshi. So the minute this pouch lands up in your closet, you are not just meeting your needs, but just making her smile with gratitude (assorted print).
Printed Tearable Pad - It's difficult to develop a whole new habit in the start, but what if we take it one chit at a time? Write your gratitude moment for the day, tear it and save it in the Gratitude Box itself
Scented Candles - You can't buy Happiness, but you can definitely buy Scented Candles to fill your soul with good vibes, good smell.
Pen Pal Cards - Very often, it is the age-old technique of handwritten letters that makes our bonds with our special even more intact. Fulfil these simple joys with Ekatra's Pen Pal cards.
Seeds Jar - The tiny, mighty seeds carrying an altogether different magic in them, one which protects the earth and nurtures your soul!

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