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  • Handmade
  •   These wonderful towels will be a great choice for corporate gifts, coworker gifts and employee welcome gifts, hotels, and beach hotels.

    Turkish Towels are suitable for use everywhere. In this way, you can use it wherever you want freely. Turkish Towels can be used for housewarming gifts, saunas, bathrooms, beaches, a beach blanket, SPA, yoga, and exercise. It has a wide range of uses. It is up to your creativity.

    Please contact me for any special requests.
    If you want to customize it from other towel models, you can click on the link.

    High-Quality Weaving!
    Heureka Turkish Towels are produced by using 100% organic Turkish cotton and it is hand weaving. So it never contains chemicals which is harmful to human health. It can be used for hands, face, and body drying. It is also safe for babies.

    Size: 40x70 Inches - 100-180 cm
    Weight: 400-430 Gr
    As it is hand weaving, dimensions may be a little over or under. So please be tolerant.

    Returns / Refunds
    I am sure that you will like the products that I have produced. However, if you are not satisfied with my products for any reason, please do not hesitate to return them or you can change them to a different one. You, as a buyer, are responsible for shipping both ways.

    ***When you place your order, please do not forget to write a phone number, so that the courier can call you when it is needed and help your order to arrive faster

    Personalized Beach Towel, Custom Corporate Gift Towel, Employees and Coworker,

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