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  •   We will be running a promotion for our starter plants. If you buy 3 starter plants, you will receive the 4th one free. The 4th one free must be one of the starter plants that is $15. To be eligible for this coupon, simply check out with 4 starter plants. One of them must be a $15 starter plant; then enter the coupon code B3G4F into the coupon section at checkout. $15 will be deducted from your total balance. In the event that you choose to not utilize the “B3G4F” coupon, our store has a 2-plant minimum policy. We require you to purchase at least 2 plants to meet the minimum. These 2 plants can be mixed and matched however you choose! Only one discount can be used per transaction.

    **This listing is for a philodendron silver sword (hastatum) starter plant. We are quite excited to finally be able to offer these plants to our customers. The gorgeous leaves on this plant are prone to edema and blisters when shipping. These will look like dark spots on the leaf. They are completely normal and will subside when the plant settles into its new home. They are not hazardous to the plants health but can sometimes form when the plant is under stress and holds water in its leaves. Please keep that in mind when ordering. The colors on this plant are amazing and the root system is fully established. We can do bulk deals, message us. The smaller plant you see is the plant you get. The plant will be shipped in a soil pod, please do not remove or disturb the soil pod it comes in. The soil pod will be carefully wrapped for safe shipping. The actual plant can and will vary from the picture on the posting. You will receive a plant similar to the one pictured.

    * *My husband and I operate a nursery company. We love plants and are proud to do what we do. Please expect some leaf damage or browning during shipping as this is completely normal. We have a live arrival guarantee. If your plant arrives dead or dies shortly after, please make a claim within 24 hours of delivery and you can return the plant. Outside of the 24-hour claim window, there are no refunds, returns or exchanges.

    Philodendron silver sword (hastatum) Starter Plant (ALL STARTER PLANTS require

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